with a mind on fire

If You’re looking for perfection…

turn around

If you’re looking for perfection, this blog is not for you.

I’m not an AI. You will not find perfect spelling, structure or grammar here.

However, I can promise you’ll find my honest attempt to share my experiences, stories and evolution. It will all come from real life and my actual fingers on the keyboard.

the evolution of a girl

I am the daughter of a librarian and an engineer which should about give you the gist! I’ve been sharing my Horsemanship Adventure for over 20 years. It’s a wild ride. The secret is to just keep going. Want to come with me?

Thursday mornings at 6:30 am PT is when I get to spend about 90 minutes with my good buddy Michael Sparling. Tune in LIVE or LISTEN BACK.

Horsemanship Remarks Show!

What is the nitty gritty?

let’s go into the weeds

Into the weeds so we can orient ourselves to keep marching down the fairway.

Zooming in. Splitting hairs.

Examining the exact ways techniques fit together and the exact differences in how they’re rendered is grand fun.

There’s a REAL PROCESS and I’m really applying it.

The details will be here.


a mind on fire

This journey is traditionally a bit of a roller coaster. (Which btw, I do not prefer!)

The Theory, to me, encompasses the philosophy and the spiritual dynamics of Horsemanship.

The big ideas and deep concepts will be here.

Adventure Hunting?

Of course

Traveling all over our country has been a grand adventure.

Meeting the people, seeing the little microcosms in the horse world. Getting into completely unexpected places and experiences got additive very quickly.

Creativity Hunting, Road Stories and Travel Tips will be here.


It’s a lifestyle

One of my favorite things about living The Pursuit of Horsemanship is it’s wholistic effect on my life.

It’s a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experience.

My own evolution towards overall health has been a wonderful side effect. I have learned to give the healthy lifestyle part, it’s due.

As my Dad says: Remember, resting is part of it! My fav health hacks will be here.

Horsemanship Insider

I’ve been making Horsemanship Videos for my closest friends for decades. As an insider, you’ll become a friend and fellow too.